Reel-Reel RFID Encoder Specifications - GoToTags

The Reel-Reel RFID Encoder is a hardware add-on to the Destop App to automate encoding and reading barcodes, NFC tags and UHF RFID tags. The Reel-Reel is designed as a benchtop class device; able to be lifted by two persons and when placed on a mobile workbench, easily moved around the work facility to increase productivity.

The Reel-Reel’s software and hardware is under continual development for improved features, ease of use and bug fixes. Specifications subject to change without notice. Concrete Pole Climber Climbing Grapplers

Reel-Reel RFID Encoder Specifications - GoToTags

The following are general hardware specifications for the Reel-Reel:

The following are included with the Reel-Reel RFID Encoder:

The following are not included and must be sourced locally:

Reel-Reel RFID Encoder Specifications - GoToTags

Swivel The Reel-Reel has been designed to be easy to use by a trained professional; a dedicated, in-house RFID expert is not required. As a part of the service, GoToTags is available for any setup or project help needed. A working understanding of the following is required to use the Reel-Reel: