BARN to auction class-built boat | Bainbridge Island Review

Thinking of a buying a boat? Want something a bit more special than your typical trawler?

Well, here’s your chance to own a gorgeous Nutshell Pram designed by legendary boat builder Joel White, and built under the guidance of an experienced boat builder as a class project at Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network. Plywood Marino

BARN to auction class-built boat | Bainbridge Island Review

BARN officials said the boat is ideal for rowing and sailing in sheltered waters. It is also suitable as a dinghy towed behind a larger craft, made of the best materials available: okoume marine plywood throughout, with sapele knees, keel, and other structural parts.

The marine plywood is sealed inside and out with thinned epoxy and painted with marine enamel, and the boat comes with a dagger board, rudder, tiller, and dagger board cap.

It is prepped for adding a mast and sail, but those aren’t included.

The online auction for the boat will end at 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 23, coinciding with the end of the annual BARN Bazaar, where members show and sell items they have made or learned to at the island facility.

All proceeds will support BARN, including the boat-building program in the Woodworking Studio. Read more and bid at For more information or if you have questions, email

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BARN to auction class-built boat | Bainbridge Island Review

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